Southwest Missouri Junior Golf Association

Southwest Missouri Junior Golf Association

The S.M.J.G.A. is a developmental tournament circuit designed to bring together Jr. golf competitors from all over Southwest Missouri to some of the finest facilities in the area. Players have the opportunity to compete, gain tournament experience, and develop long lasting friendships with other golfers in the area. 

The SMJGA Championship Tournament and the year end Match Play Point Total leader event are ran by the SMJGA Staff and volunteers.  All other tournaments are ran by each golf course and staff.....Please take the time to thank each venue for allowing the SMJGA members to participate in their tournament.



Junior Horton Smith Cup Team 

Joplin vs Springfield Match Play


New this year!  The girls will now participate in the Junior Horton Smith Cup.  This year the girls will have their match play event at Silo Ridge in Bolivar on July 30th.

The 5 player Springfield team must live within a 35 radius of Springfield, or be a member of a club within the same radius.  The lowest score age 13-18 at the Millwood and Silo Ridge tournaments will gain an automatic spot on the team.  The last 3 players will be chosen at the Bill & Payne Stewart tournament in the same manner.

The 5 player Joplin team must live within a 35 mile radius of Joplin, or be a member of a club within the same radius.  Tournaments will be held at Briarbrook in Carl Junction, and Crestwood Country Club in Pittsburg Kansas to determine the 5 player team. Call Mary Packard at (620) 235-9090 for more details.


The Springfield team must live east of the line from Casseville, Monett, Aurora, and Mt Vernon. This years match will be at Twin Hills in Joplin on July 26th.

The 12 player Springfield team will be chosen by the lowest score age 13-18 at Whispering Oaks, Horton Smith and Millwood tournaments.  The last 9 spots will be selected after the 2nd round of play at the Bill & Payne Stewart tournament.

The Joplin Team selection method is TBD



Everyone will be required to pass a rules test to be eligible for the SMJGA Championship Tournament in July.


  Please follow the directions below. 


1. 72 hours after payment of your SMJGA yearly dues of $39,  you can take the rules test.

2. Go to and log in. 

3. Your ID will be smjga and your first and last name.  For example, Horton Smith would be smjgahortonsmith.  (notice all lower case, no spaces)

4. Your password will be golfer and your first and last name.  Again, for example, Horton Smith would be golferhortonsmith.  (notice all lower case, no spaces)

5. You must score 100% on the exam to pass.  But you can take it as many times as necessary.

6. There are 44 questions.

7. Once you successfully pass the exam, then your name will be added to the list.

8. Please allow 72 hours for your name to be added to the list.  Good luck!

9. If you have any questions you can email your questions to


No can take the test as many times as it takes to pass.  Take the test with a friend! 




  • Adkins, Mackenzie
  • Aherin, Hannah
  • Afton, Hopkins
  • Albers, Max
  • Altermatt, Blaine
  • Altermatt, Brady
  • Asby, Aiden
  • Assa, Jadaea
  • Bailey, Jackson
  • Bailey, Jaxon
  • Baron, Olivia
  • Bekemeier, Cason
  • Belk, Austin
  • Benson, Isabella
  • Berzack, Amos
  • Berzack, Steven
  • Beykirch, Jack
  • Blake, Peyton
  • Bowman, Max
  • Bowman, Page
  • Buerke, Owen
  • Burch, Chandler
  • Burden, Bailey
  • Campbell, Fielding
  • Campbell, Hobbs
  • Chronister, Carter
  • Clark, Jacob
  • Collier, Audrey
  • Cooper, Christian
  • Crain, Owen
  • Cunnyngham, Adam
  • Davis, Tyler
  • Dixon, Jonathon
  • Dodson, Issac
  • Eagleburger, Cole
  • Edgeman, James
  • Edgeman, Marlee
  • Edwards, Damarkis
  • Emmert, Brayden
  • Farrar, Aiden
  • Farrar, Mia
  • Faulk, Caleb
  • Feuerbacher, Hudson
  • Floyd, Adam
  • Franklin, Riley
  • Fraser, Georgia
  • Freeman, Elizabeth
  • Freeman, Thomas
  • Fyfe, Reese
  • Gambon, John
  • Garrison, Drew
  • Gillman, Jenna
  • Gipson, Kanon
  • Goodman, Jack
  • Greenlee, Madelyn
  • Griesemer, Jack
  • Griffin, Frey
  • Hiebert, Wriley
  • Hooker, Victoria
  • Hopkins, Afton
  • Hosp, Kolby
  • Jackson, Carter
  • Jackson, Isabella
  • James, Mattie
  • Johnson, Cooper
  • Johnson, Tyler
  • Jungman, Halle
  • Kassing, Jacob
  • Kensinger, Lola
  • Killingsworth, Kaden
  • Kuntz, Colyer
  • Lahey, Shain
  • Larocca, Sam
  • Linn, Zoe
  • Louderbough, Hadley
  • Louderbough, Lyla
  • Loughead, Payeton
  • Luebbering, Alexis
  • Luebbering, Kaylee
  • Marcak, Brandon
  • Marlin, Kellen
  • Marshall, Bryce
  • Martin, Griffin
  • McDonald, Stewart
  • McKenna, Baron
  • McLeroy, Raben
  • Mitchals, Gregory
  • Musche, AJ
  • Mustard, Ethan
  • Naugle, Noah
  • Naugle, Zachary
  • Nichols, Landon
  • Ogden, Lucas
  • Ogden, Nathan
  • Peterie, Gaven
  • Pfitzner, Kayla
  • Pfitzner, Kyleigh
  • Puckett, Dane
  • Riley, Grant
  • Roche, Benjamin
  • Roche, Joseph
  • Rothgeb, Landon
  • Royer, Levi
  • Rust, Asher
  • Rust, Easton
  • Sage, Jake
  • Sager, Robbie
  • Sexton, Axl
  • Shipley, Chase
  • Smith, Rylea
  • Snider, Jack
  • Snider, John
  • Snider, Roy
  • Stack, Sam
  • Stone, Taylor
  • Swearingen, Owen
  • Swinfard, Camryn
  • Swinfard, Sami
  • Tackett, Drew
  • Teeter, Jacob
  • Thessing, Bradley
  • Thessing, Savannah
  • Tiedemann, Ava
  • Tiedemann, Grace
  • Tiedemann, Olivia
  • Titus, Tryn
  • Tucker, Kourtney
  • Tynes, Walker
  • Van Allen, Dax
  • Wendler, Curtis
  • White, Ashley
  • White, Brandon
  • Whitten, Benjamin
  • Whitworth, Matthew
  • Williams, Noah
  • Witt, Lane
  • Wood, Kameryn
  • Young, Tyson


1 yr ago
CONGRATULATIONS! Adam Floyd aces at the Price Cutter Pro-Am Adam used a 5 iron to ace the 140yd hole #6 during the PriceCutter Pro-Am on Friday August 3rd at Rivercut
Annual Horton Smith Cup Team Matches
2 yrs ago
The Horton Smith Cup will be held on Thursday, July 27 atRivercut GCin an all day, Ryder Cup style competition, against the Joplin Team. This annual event has been going on over 75 years and Springfield...
2 yrs ago
The PCCC presents the 2017 Betty Bobby Allison Jr. Pro AM at Rivercut on Friday August 4th. Click HERE for registration form
New for 2017 from the USGA Rules
2 yrs ago
~NEW LOCAL RULE FOR 2017~ The USGA has adopted a new local rule. This new local rule eliminates a penalty for accidental movement of the ball or ball marker on the putting green. If you accidentally move...
Latest Results
20th Annual Dan Rorke Memorial Junior Tournament
August 6
Boys 16-18
Cunnyngham. A (-2)
Tynes. W (+1)
Stone. T (+2)
Boys 13-15
Campbell. F (+2)
Gipson. K (+4)
Cooper. C (+7)
Boys 10-12
Bailey. J (-1)
Mustard. E (+1)
Roche Jr.. B (+3)
Girls 16-18
Hiebert. W (+8)
Hooker. V (+21)
Aherin. H (+24)
Girls 13-15
Thessing . S (+19)
Assa. J (+25)
Edgeman. M (+25)
Girls 10-12
Tiedemann. G (+9)
Benson. I (+26)
Ken Lanning Jr. Golf Championship
August 4
Boys 16-18
Kassing. J (+5)
Blake. P (+12)
Gesualdi. J (+13)
Boys 13-15
Cooper. C (+9)
Campbell. F (+10)
Louderbaugh. H (+13)
Boys 10-12
Schnieders. A (+1)
Jordan. J (+4)
Schnieders. D (+6)
Boys 9u
Clark. J (-3)
Berzack. A (+3)
Freeman. T (+9)
Girls 16-18
Sowers. O (-1)
Hiebert. W (+7)
Hooker. V (+15)
Girls 13-15
Louderbaugh. L (+7)
Freeman. E (+11)
Blackwell. S (+11)
Girls 10-12
Tiedemann. G (+6)
Benson. I (+20)
Lansford. A (+26)
Girls 9u
Tiedemann. A (+4)
Tiedemann. O (+8)
Wood. K (+15)
SMJGA Championship Tournament
July 31-August 1
Boys 16-18
Tynes. W (+2)
Cunnyngham. A (+5)
Dixon. J (+12)
Boys 13-15
Bowman. M (+10)
Campbell. F (+16)
Louderbaugh. H (+20)
Boys 10-12
Roche Jr.. B (+9)
Feuerbacher. H (+14)
Naugle. N (+15)
Boys 9u
Clark. J (+12)
Roche. J (+16)
Franklin. R (+18)
Girls 16-18
Pfitzner. K (+7)
Hiebert. W (+20)
Hooker. V (+31)
Girls 13-15
Pfitzner. K (+21)
Louderbaugh. L (+22)
Assa. J (+36)
Girls 10-12
Bowman. P (+20)
Tiedemann. G (+21)
Benson. I (+45)
Girls 9u
Tiedemann. O (+15)
Tiedemann. A (+18)